We are focusing on the travelers - Not about the facilities

We are very experienced in RV’s travel.
We want to share with you our own personal knowledge and experience and let you have the incredible feeling of a real, uninterrupted experience. not only via technology.
The Internet is full of options of travel planning.
To explain this, let’s talk about some fact:
We can divide them to ‘RV oriented’ or ‘Non RV oriented’ 
– Most of the trip planners on the market (apps, websites, guides) are ‘Non RV oriented’ and aimed at travelers who travel by car and sleep at hotels. Those, of course, miss the point of the “RV adventure”
– 99% of the itineraries you can find on the web (either by bloggers or trip advisors) are very basic. (e.g. ‘spend 2 days in Paris and don’t forget to visit the Eiffel tower’  :-). This is understandable because they only want to show you that they ‘know something about travel’ and they must catch your attention.
– The lesser part of itinerary, the ones who get a little bit more into details, are mostly driving you to book the places they recommend you, just because they make money from it, instead of being focused on your needs, your happiness, your holiday. You can consider it like ‘Wrapped nicely around the main purpose’.
Then anyone looking for a real trip plan says to himself, “What the hell am I supposed to do there?! How should I separate the wheat from the chaff?
– The so-called ‘RV oriented’ trip planners, are one of 3 kinds: They are aimed for campground booking (campground chains, Camping organizations, RV clubs, and so on) or they are a tech company. companies driving you to book places (including campgrounds) via their technology/software.
– Even those who combine RV campground booking with attractions booking, you quickly find that everyone is just offering most of the same technical data from Google… with all of the alternatives, the burden of planning remains the same. on you.
– Some applications are saying: we brought you all the content (Supported content in most cases) just choose…. You find yourself with the same questions: Where exactly should I visit? How long should I stay? Where should I park? When is the best time for rest? When should I leave? Where to shop?
It’s like taking you to the restaurant and telling you: Here are all the products and the stove – make any meal you want….
But wait a minute! a trip is not all about bookings!!!
They are all missing the point.
The point is simply the trip adventure

‘Trip adventure’ means quality time with your loved ones, driving down scenic routes, stopping by amazing viewpoints, visiting local markets and industries, dancing with local traditional natives, learning and listening to the history and cultural stories, and so on.
Now we are getting to the point. For years we thought about the perfect formula for achieving the real trip adventure, What are the ingredients from which a good trip is made of?
So, as many fairytales say, we sat on the mound, interviewed travelers, made surveys and researches. Talked and listened to travelers from all types, and we come to the obvious conclusion: ‘There is no one method and there isn’t just one truth’
But still, we were convinced that there must be something there. Just because so many travelers share the same needs, the same wishes, same feelings, and they all, ABSOLUTELY ALL, look for the same goal – “The best adventure’
As a result, in order to help us to find this secret formula, we summarized  a few famous paradigms:

1. You are getting what you are paying for.

2. If you are not paying for a product, you are the product.
3. If you don’t know you can have any better, you’re happy with what you have.
4. If there is more than one way to travel, there must be a point where all our needs combine, and that point makes the difference between a trip to adventure.
5. Technology will never replace the experience. Thank god that technology exists but technology per se, is not never the goal.
We realized that if so many before us missed the point, we have to change our thought direction.

We must think from the bottom up. We have to think like we are the end-user and focus on the person or parent who plans the annual vacation for their family.

We’ve put all these thoughts into one big bowl, and created the RvPlan.net platform which hits the target: Supplying you the best trip adventure based on our huge experience together with the best technology.
This means we have created the combination of perfect itineraries with the best technology.
Balanced time frame, heterogenic activities, going to markets, shopping, scenic routes, heritage centers, local industries and traditional visits.
This way we are bringing you to the top goal – The best RV adventure trip.
We are quite sure you will find our services worth the price for you.
In any case, we love hearing from you and are always open to get your feedback and remarks.
Feel free to contact us!