There are many goals for Travel-
A getaway from our routine, wanderlust, exploring the world, meeting people, spending quality time with the people we care about.

But for me-
The main goal of traveling is:

Gathering memories and sharing experiences with my favorite people.

how do I know that?
Just remember your previous trips.
see what arises in you.
There is nothing like experiences, memories, and photos from previous trips in order to inspire those emotions of love and longing.

Key FeaturesCompetitors
Specially designed according to the needs of Motorhome travelersPartial
Every itinerary is human-made Not by a machineNone
Focused on RVs RentersNone

A comprehensive solution, look at the overall picture for you. All your RV trip plans from A to Z

From arrival to departure including POV pictures of where to park your RV and videos. 

Easy itinerary management, including daily schedule, Sub Activities, notes, expenses summary and moreNone
Pre-Planned itinerary, made by professionals.
especially aimed for RV renters
None, some competitors are providing poorly detailed routes
All pre-planned trips are handmade by expert people – not by machine.
In order to provide a powerful and balanced experience, our planners take into account all aspects of the trip
Campground booking serviceIn some
Created by RV specialistsNone
Dries you forward, No FOMO (fear of missing out on important places)None
24/7 Emergency Line***None
Step by step travel dynamic timelineNone

Only relevant information

You can always see more by using filters

In most cases, you are flooded with nonrelevant information
First-hand knowledge of experienced people on motorhome tripsAll of them are technology conglomerates.
None of them gives you the personal knowledge into consideration
Avoiding mistakes
No failure – achieve your success
You have to plan your trip on your own, from scratch, This opens the door to planning mistakes

We are experienced people in RV’s travel and we know that traveling with RV / motorhome / campers, are independent people with high abilities and huge knowledge, such as those who are commonly called ‘know how to get along’.

We want to assist you to be focused on the fun part of your trip, share with you and let you experience the incredible feeling of our own personal knowledge and experience, not only via technology.

There are tons of possibilities on the internet for travel planning.
But when you start planning, you notice that everyone is just offering another variation of the same technical data from Google…

The burden of planning remains the same.
I’ve seen lots of routes that look more or less like this:
from Los Angeles to San Francisco, from there to Las Vegas and back to Los Angeles.
And then anyone looking for real planning says to himself, “What the hell am I supposed to do there?!
Where exactly should I visit? How long should I stay? Where should I park? When is the best time for rest? When should I leave? Where to shop? and so on…

The solution we offer is the widest solution available,

  • Planned by experts – every trip template was planned by our experts, not just an automated algorithm.
  • Balanced planning – A lot of thinking was made behind every trip, in order to provide the best possible experience.
    Our trips are not just directives And technical data, they provide a perfectly balanced, varied, knowledgeable experience with a great mix of activities.
  • Customization  – Want to modify and tailor the trip to your needs?
    No problem! you can easily customize it and give it your personal touch.
  • Accurate – Most travelers say themselves: ‘I want to be focused on the best, to be accurate about the destination I travel to, I want to be focused on local customs, culture, folklore, local industry, etc. I do not want to find myself driving from here to there, looking for where I will find the main thing’
  • Simple Booking mechanism – The campground and attractions booking process could be oppressive. We have made it simple as possible. the easy and convenient campground booking .
  • Seeing the whole picture for you– while other trip planners on the market are focused on one or two aspects of your trip, we are focusing on the whole picture of your RV trip.
  • Comprehensive point of view – We look at the overall picture for you, looking from above at all the needs of RV  travelers, especially those who rent a motorhome.
  • Complete RV travelers toolbox
    Rv-Plan is not only a route planner, not only a campground booking system, not only travel tips, or budget control. Rv-Plan is the true, ongoing, long-term traveling toolbox.
    Rv-Plan you is the A to Z tool from the very beginning trip plans to save your memories at the end of your trip.
  • God is in the details – We thought of everything for you down to the smallest details, From planning the right agenda to the best place to park the RV near the supermarket.
  • Drives you forward. While all other trip-planning solutions on the market ask you: ‘Where do you want to go? We at Rv-Planet guide you for the ultimate combination of activities for getting the best trip adventure.
  • Support you. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong and you have a problem, we will be by your side, offering solutions, contacting the relevant factors for you, and trying to minimize the disturbance of the trip
  • We know what you need for a perfect trip – a little push and you’re there 🙂
  • We will never “push” you into buying unnecessary things – you’ll always have the freedom of choice between direct reservations or booking through us.
  • Our business model – Buy only what you want, in the way you want it.
  • The user interface we created is nothing less than AMAZING – a real technological breakthrough that allows anyone to plan their trip with ease

All along my years of experience in RV trips, I’ve seen lots of carelessly designed trips.
There are either too many long drives, or the route is not varied enough, or sometimes it even misses the most interesting places along the way.

From my point of view, a trip is not just ‘let’s go around’ not either ‘let’s go shopping or ‘Let’s drive until we get tired’.

A trip, especially an RV trip, is an experience that you’d probably remember your whole life.
It is about the correct combination of a holiday, attractions, local culture, history, scenery & scenic road, local markets local industry and gathering together with your lovers.

Our mission is to help you create such experiences easily and efficiently.

We don’t do everything for you, we just do the dirty work for you.
We leave you with only the important points: travel, learn, enjoy!

We take this as our personal task and do everything we can to succeed because your experiences are our achievement

You’ve decided to go traveling. That’s great!

Then one or more of the following characteristics might be true for you… :

  • You want to be free & flexible to modify your route, either beforehand or while traveling, based on your needs and desires
  • You don’t have time to waste or do not feel like reading and planning your trip
  • The trip is only one aspect of your life, you have no desire to make the planning a ‘life project’
  • You’re relaxed if you know someone’s “in your back” in case something goes wrong
  • You are a tourist from a foreign country
  • The travel destination is new to you
  • You’re unfamiliar with the local culture, so you don’t know what to expect
  • You have a limited time frame
  • It’s important for you to make the most of your trip. 
  • You do not want to find out after the trip, that you passed right by one of the most significant sites of the local culture, but you missed it because you did not know about its existence
  • You want to avoid / minimized to zero mistakes in route planning

So, if you find yourself agreeing with one or more of these, our services are exactly for you.

*** Pro version only