Guidelines to ‘how we are planning our RV trips’?

Well, there are tons of trips in the world, each based on its taste, preferences, needs and so on.

We are focusing on RV trips and especially for RV renters which have their special conditions.  Every RV’er either he owns one or he is renting one. is familiar with the situation when he feels the desire to go for a drive in nature, throbs with excitement in the stomach. When you feel it, most of us can’t resist it and can’t wait to the minute we are packing staff for the trip.
Before you are purchasing your favorite itinerary on the Rv-Planet platform, and start planning your trip, it is very important to know what are the guidelines in front of us for planning an RV trip.

  1. Starting point at the airport.
    The majority of RV travelers, which rent a motorhome for their trip, are arriving by airplane to their destination where they pick up the vehicle.
    Either they are international travelers or domestic, 
    In case you are not arriving by airplane, or if you are arriving by your own transportation
  2. Picking up your RV
    Rv-Planet system has the main RV rental centers on it, for each destination. In case you don’t find your rental center on the list, you can add your starting address or rental center name simply by using google search
  3. The first day
    For the first day of motorhome renters, we are assuming 3  axioms, Pickup time, Groceries and your first campground for the trip.  
    Pick up time:

    As a default, trips on our platform are turned to start during Noon time. This is because many motorhomes / Rv / Campervan rental stations preferred to use the “per night” calculations. Just like hotels. Picking up in the noon time, and dropping off in the morning. Even though some motorhome rental centers allow pickup and drop off in a varied hours, we are assuming that travelers want to start their trip calmly. Therefore, we have scheduled noon time pickup on our itineraries. Of course, each could adjust the suitable time for him as per his preferences.

    Stocking up on groceries
    After you have picked up your rented motorhome, we know you need to go and buy some groceries (mmm…..), therefore on each motorhome trip on Rv-Planet, you will be directed to a big grocery store. The first time you are equipped your  Rv with groceries, normally take longer than usual. You are not familiar with the supermarket arrangements, most of the products may be new for you,  in many cases you don’t know how to read the local language on the products. In most cases, it is very enjoyable to buy groceries in a new place.  So we suggest you to ‘take our time’ plan 1-2 for the first Supermarket. 

    First night campground.
    Next, right after you finished your visit in the supermarket, we recommend you to drive to your first night campground. The best, from our point of view, is to drive to a close campground. Although it might take place in  the early evening, we find it is the right thing to do for several reasons: You may be tired from the long day, after a flight, bureaucracy and the groceries buying. Moreover, you need time to arrange  your close in the motorhome caberds, to place the food in a convenient way for yourself and you want to relax in order to be fresh tomorrow morning. 
    Another reason for why we recommend you to park your first night campground not far from the RV rental stations is because you might want to detail check the motorhome you have got. You want to see that you know how to operate everything, that everything works properly and if something goes wrong, you want to be close to the rental center, where they can help you to fix / solve the issue.
    Basically, we recommend you to park your first night in a campground not far more than 70 km (50 miles)  from the rental center. 

  4. Day by day – during the trip 
    Starting hour – In most cases, we have set up each traveling day at 08:00 am. In some, you can find days which are starting earlier – in case you have a long journey on this day, or they start later – for cases that the first attraction is a late open. 
    End time of the activity for that day – A day trip usually ends at 16:00 – 19:00 – subject to the type of activity and  trip structure. Sometimes, a day ends early because one major activity is ‘tiring enough’ ( a water park for example) and in other cases, a travel day will end in the late evening because there is something interesting to see in the evening. 
    Moreover, during a trip, we sometimes just want to relax in the campground, read a book or just sit in a lawn chair, look at nature and meditate.
    Of course, a trip, especially an Rv trip, is not the same as a military operation, the schedule doesn’t have to be  stricted. If you find a good vibe in a place you’re visiting, take the time, lengthen your stay there.
    After all the flexibility is one of the major advantages while traveling with a motorhome
  5. Meals stop along the day (picnic, hiking, main meal in the evening, traditional restaurants)
    As default, we do not schedule a particular time frame for meals during a day trip. We count on everyone knowing his own or his family’s eating habits. While you make a fine tuning for each traveling day schedule, please take in consideration your family eating habits. 
    In many trips on the Rv-Plan platform, where we direct you to a local farmer market, you will be followed with a recommendation to do a picnic right after you buy fresh local groceries and eat them right away in the gorgeousness place. Doesn’t it?
    The only cases where we recommend you to stop in a place to eat is when we know about a unique traditional restaurant or bakery which is not to be missed

  6. Attractions mixture.
    We have developed a unique formula for getting the ‘best trip structure’, and we believe it will work fine for the majority part of motorhome travellers. 
    However, in the unfortunate case you are not happy with the trip activities mixture you can easily change it as per your preference. For example a family with kids will probably be very happy to visit an amusement park, but a couple of seniors might find it not relevant for them ( unless they wish to ride the carrousel again, just the same as they did 50 year ago :-). 
    This is one of the best parts of Rv-Plan, it takes less than 19-20 second to replace an attraction  to a better one for you, and you are ready to go.
  7. Which place we are choosing as default ?
    We know there are plenty of  very attractive places in each location, trails, waterfalls, museums, tourist attractions, point of interest and so on.
    The world is full with endless places and activities to discover. But, we want to make things simple, we want to direct you to the main point, while taking into consideration the concept of the trip and it’s structure.
     Normally we are choosing the main or the most relevant site in the area. In some circumstances, subject to the trip structure we may recommend you to do the activity which is combined the best with the trip plan and the unique trip formula we have developed.
    Of Course you can choose any alternative activity, as per your preference. Most of the popular places are loaded on the Rv-Planet platform.
  8. Driving distance per day 
    As a ‘ rule of thumb  ‘ an RV trip should be on average of a 100 miles / 150 km.  per day 
    We are great fans of “Take your trip slowly, because the really beautiful things are hidden from view’. In order to really enjoy a place, you need the correct amount time to stay there, otherwise it is just another check on your do list (or my visit list if you want) 
  9. Long drives VS relaxing 
    Well, it depends on few parameters
    – Trip duration – The longer the trip, the lower the average daily mileage
    – Trip geographical area. For example, In central Europe, the distances between attractions as well as a different landscape is so small that if you are planning a long drive every day, you will probably miss many beautiful things to do.
    – A change in the rhythm of the trip is highly recommended. Some days are short drives and others are long. Depending on the options that the place you are traveling offers
  10. Parking your motorhome during the day trip.
    We definitely know that parking the motorhome is one of the most common questions for RV travellers. Especially the beginners which it is their first RV trip. Therefore we have attached  a parking instruction by image, where we could do that. 
    Generally speaking, you can find a parking lot for your motorhome almost everywhere. In many places, you will have a public parking, or just a parking spot along the side, just as private cars do.
    While you are traveling in a metropolitan area, we recommend you to park outside and take public transportation. This will avoid spending time, usually cost less and you will be less nervous as you are not sure you have a park according to the parking regulation in that area. ( everyone knows the annoying thoughts, did I park well? would I get a parking ticket or not? 🙂

  11. Commercial campground VS wild camping 
    Well, everyone wants to save money. Moreover, wild camping might be a tremendous experience. It is a ancient feeling when you are parking in nature alone. No one is next to you to violate the intensity of the experience. 
    So, if you can do it, go for it. A boondocking or free campgrounds in nature are available in many places.