The philosophy behind RvPlanet

Adventure is not a place !
Basically it is a state of mind, it’s about wanting to go out into the world, meeting new people and learning new things – especially about yourself.
It isn’t always easy, of course. In fact, the more difficult the adventure is- the more rewarding it could be. You learn the most when you are in an unfamiliar area knowing you can overcome difficult obstacles in the wild can be hugely empowering in everyday life.

That’s how I believe our time should be spent. 

So often our lives run on rails. We become tied to a routine and then, before we know it, one more year has passed.

We are happiest when we’re active and outdoors- connecting with others, adapting to changing environments and finding out what they’re made of. 

We should try to be more free when we can and pay attention to the experience, not just things.
Imagine waking up in the morning on the lake side, light fog covers the water surface, you are seating all together, the whole family eating breakfast. Or driving and discovering an azure lagoon in the middle of the forest or coming back to your RV after a challenging hiking day, making the fire in the firepit, cooking some food, singing a song, hugging, and loving the world. 


Family camping near the Fire pit

These moments are invaluable!

And they are closer than you think. The destinations you’ll discover on our platform feel worlds apart but are all within reach.

If I have one piece of advice to give you, it’s this: Life is best lived boldly. We tend to regret the things we don’t do, not the things we try. You will fall down, no doubt, but then get back up more determined than ever, because a failure shapes personality even more than achievement. Aim to arrive at the end of your life covered in scars, laughing and thinking: Wow, what a ride!

Living the dream in real time

Think back on your memories, which one will you describe the best? I’m quite sure it will be the unusual one, the one that didn’t go as planned, excited you the most, If I have to summarize it into one sentence it would be: 

Our best wish is to convert our time, efforts and money into unforgettable life memories

Well, how is all this connected to the RvPlanet philosophy? For many of us, life is so intensive that we are not able to focus our attention to a new massive project that’s turned us to give up in advance. Naturally, RV trips are determining a bit more attention, with RvPlanet platform, you’ll be able to be focused on the main: Enjoying the adventure big time.

Many people say that an RV trip is realizing a dream. Going to the nature is not only a dream coming true, it’s about living the dream in real time.