FAQ for Campsites, Campgrounds and RV parks

Dear campsite owner/booking manager Here are Most frequent questions and answers for RV Campsites

RvPlanet is a comprehensive RV route planner software designed specifically for organizing trips in motorhomes and camping vehicles.
Tailored to meet the needs of all types of campers, it serves as a versatile tool for planning memorable outdoor adventures.
At its core, RvPlanet aims to provide travelers with prearranged itineraries that include strategically located campsites along their chosen route, all while offering the flexibility to customize and adjust plans according to individual preferences and requirements.

While our users are planning their route, they are searching for campsites to stay along their route.
Your campsite is listed on our platform.

Once a customer finds your campsite fit for him, he will send you a booking request.


To streamline the campsite booking process for both travelers and campground operators, we have developed an efficient communication mechanism.

Upon receiving an inquiry from a client via email, please click on the “Click here to respond
pertinent details such as requested dates are promptly highlighted for your convenience.

if there is availability, selecting the corresponding option allows you to respond to the client regarding terms and pricing promptly, and even provide a secure link for credit card payment to confirm the booking.

RV campsite approve availability

Conversely,  If the requested dates are unavailable, a simple click on “Deny availability” informs the client swiftly.

RV campsite Denay availability

Some important notes:
Each inquiry remains open for a response within a 48-hour window, after which it is automatically closed.
Should a client wish to reattempt booking, they are required to initiate a new application.
Failure to respond within the stipulated timeframe results in the closure of the inquiry.

Why not just click “reply” to the booking request email address?
It’s important to note that the process of booking parking spaces is initiated and completed independently by each customer.
The RvPlanet website serves as a facilitative platform for booking parking spaces, but the system itself does not directly engage in the booking process on behalf of individual customers.
When you respond to a customer through our system, they receive your message instantly within their route plan, ensuring clear and timely communication.