RV, camper and motorhome trip planning toolbox – The best ever created

How are weeliminating the barriers causing many customers
to forgo a motorhome trip?

 After many years of deep knowledge of motorhomes rentals, familiarity with thousands of RV travelers,  we have realized that the RV rental industry is losing customers just because they can’t do the necessary arrangements for an RV trip.
Either they are too busy, or afraid, don’t count on themself abilities, or they just sink in tons of information on the web so they just give up.
So, we thought it shouldn’t be that way, we must find a good way to simplify this process and minimize the hassle.

How do we have deal with these berries?

  1. We have created hundreds of fully ready-made itineraries – this means the customer can travel each itinerary as is.
  2. Each itinerary has been created by a trip expert with actual experience traveling with a motorhome.
  3. Each itinerary has been tested to ensure maximum utilization of diverse types of activities, combined with reasonable driving distances. Any point of interest includes parking recommendation considering the customers are traveling with a motorhome
  4. Each point of interest is presented by a particular video of this activity. This gives the customer a strong aspect of what amazing adventure he is intending to get. 
  5. We have created a strong and sophisticated technology platform to handle all these points:
  • Fully flexible – Changes could be made very easy
  • Campground booking is easy. in case the chosen campground has no availability, our system is automatically checking for availability in 10 campgrounds 
  • Full schedule control, changing time frames are easy.
  • The timeline on the bottom of the screen gives you a perspective on your itinerary structure.

We have realized that all the other solutions in the market do not give a real solution for the motorhome rentals market niche.

Therefore, we decided to think from down up. Putting ourselves in the client’s head (or wheels:-) and trying to find the ultimate solutions.

We have realized that a good solution must include some parameters:

  • Each itinerary must include the best of the best of what the area has to offer.
  • Each itinerary must include the ultimate mixture of activity types
  • Campground booking must be as easy as possible because most of the campgrounds still do not offer online booking.
  • In case that the chosen campground is fully booked, we are automatically searching for alternatives in the near area. this saves the customer a lot of hassle
  • We are focusing on the most visited places, those who 90% of the customers want to visit while giving the customer the option to include any place as per their personal preference
  • The customer can place his personal note on each place along the way. 
  • Many customers are traveling more than one trip in a motorhome, once they will be happy with our platform, they will easily get the decision to rent and travel with a motorhome again.