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About Us

With over 20 years of experience in the motorhome rental business, tens of thousands happy customers and my own experiences after traveling myself in many countries around the world,
I have deeply realized what are the ambitions and the real needs of RV travelers / renters:

Creating and organizing RV trip easily and efficiently so that you can enjoy the pleasures and make the most out of your trip.

These exact same principles were the foundation of RvPlan.net

I took this extraordinary mission as a life goal, to make these unforgettable adventures accessible to all.

By simplifying tasks, making information accessible, all in one place, making it useful and accurate, we have made it our mission to make planning for RV’s , motorhomes and campers to be the best and easiest in the world.
We’re not only an online technology service, we are suppling itineraries with a soul, reinforced with technology –  sort of ‘itineraries forte’ 


Avi Bandana, CEO

RvPlan.net is a sister company of Bandana Caravan rent www.rent-motorhome.com.