Motorhome trip planer Lyon france Camper road trip with a Caravan

This trip passes in the following countries: France, Italy
Motorhome trip planer Lyon france Camper road trip with a Caravan
  • Amusement Park 1
  • Animals Show / Wildlife watch 2
  • Aquarium 1
  • Beach 1
  • Bike Rental 1
  • Botanical garden 1
  • Cable Railway 1
  • Canoe / Kayak / Rafting 1
  • cave 1
  • Cruise Terminal / Sailing 1
  • Extreme Activity 1
  • Family Activity 2
  • hiking area 1
  • Historical Site 1
  • Horseback Riding 1
  • Local Industry 2
  • Museum 2
  • Natural Feature 1
  • Point Of Interest 1
  • Tourist Attraction 1
  • Traditional Market 1
  • Traditional Restaurant / Fine Dining 2
  • Traditional Visit 1
  • Water Park 1
  • Zoo 1

Alpine Bliss & Riviera Charms: A 15-Day Family RV Odyssey from Lyon!

Embark on a 15-day RV adventure, "Alpine Bliss & Riviera Charms," as you journey from the historic city of Lyon to the picturesque landscapes of the French Riviera and beyond. Pack your sense of adventure and get ready for a family-friendly exploration like no other!

Lyon - Gastronomic Gateway: Begin your journey in Lyon, the gastronomic heart of France. Savor exquisite cuisine, stroll through historic streets, and explore the city's rich cultural heritage.

Chocolaterie artisanale de Chautagne - Sweet Indulgence: Indulge your taste buds at Chocolaterie artisanale de Chautagne. Treat the family to handcrafted chocolates and learn the secrets of traditional chocolate making.

Musée-Château d'Annecy - Lakeside Elegance: Discover the lakeside elegance of Annecy at Musée-Château d'Annecy. Explore the castle's rich history, enjoy family-friendly exhibits, and take in breathtaking views of Lake Annecy.

Rte des Grandes Alpes - Alpine Adventure Unfolds: Embark on the scenic Rte des Grandes Alpes, winding through the majestic Alps. Marvel at snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows, and family-friendly stops along the way.

Parc de Merlet - Alpine Wildlife Sanctuary: Visit Parc de Merlet for an encounter with alpine wildlife. Enjoy family-friendly nature walks while spotting ibex, chamois, and marmots against the stunning backdrop of Mont Blanc.

Zoom Torino - African Safari in the Heart of Europe: Experience the wonders of Africa at Zoom Torino. Take a family-friendly safari through this unique wildlife park, where animals roam freely in habitats reminiscent of the African savannah.

Musée de la Mine - Underground Adventure: Delve into the fascinating world of mining at Musée de la Mine. Discover the history of mining through interactive exhibits and family-friendly tours of underground tunnels.

French Riviera - Sun, Sand, and Mediterranean Magic: Relax and rejuvenate on the French Riviera. Bask in the Mediterranean sun on family-friendly beaches, explore charming coastal towns, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Ornithological Park of Pont de Gau - Avian Extravaganza: Visit the Ornithological Park of Pont de Gau, a haven for bird enthusiasts. Witness flamingos, herons, and other exotic birds in their natural habitat—a family-friendly experience for all.

Grotte de Choranche - Subterranean Marvels: Explore the enchanting Grotte de Choranche, a stunning limestone cave with captivating formations. Take a family-friendly guided tour and marvel at the underground wonders.

Additional Recommendations and Tips:

  • Extend your stay on the French Riviera to explore the glamorous city of Nice and its family-friendly attractions.
  • Consider a side trip to the lavender fields of Provence for a sensory delight and family-friendly photo opportunities.

Alpine Bliss & Riviera Charms: A 15-Day Family RV Odyssey from Lyon! Embark on a journey that blends Alpine splendor with the charm of the French Riviera. "Alpine Bliss & Riviera Charms" promises family-friendly adventures, cultural treasures, and the joy of discovery. Join us on this unforgettable RV odyssey from Lyon, creating memories that will be cherished for generations!