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The benefits of using RvPlan.net platform for RV rental companies

Meet your customer’s needs
Almost every Motorhome Rental company knows this phenomenon, many customers expect and request consulting services for their route and ask for campground booking as a part of the Motorhome rental.
For us, as professionals in the field of Motorhome tourism, we clearly know that route consulting is not the main purpose of most rental stations.
Rental stations are inherently specialized in rentals, pickups and drop-offs procedure, service and technical support along the way, maintenance, repair, and sales.
RvPlan.Net is an essential tool for your customer needs. Just as you will not send your client on his way without a drainage pipe or a power cord, as these are necessary tools, the customer also needs a good tool to plan and manage his trip
Completing the rent for a wholesome experience
As a professional rental center, you want your customers to be relaxed at pickup time, they will be focused on the vehicle operation, explanations and of course you want “background noises” from your customers. 
If your customer is worried about their route while they pick up the vehicle, it is a double waste of time.
First, the customer thinks about the things that bother them and does not listen to you.
Second, the customers are desperate for help, so they ask questions about the route. You’ve probably heard these questions many times before:
– “Could you give us your pro tips?” – ”what are the best places to visit?” – “Could you recommend the best way for booking campgrounds?”- “Where is the nearest supermarket? Can I park the motorhome there?”
This never stops.
RvPlan.Net allows you to stay focused on your profession while giving your customer a comprehensive solution.
A solution for the customers sales objectionss
It’s not easy to tell customers: “Sorry, we’re only renting the vehicles, for the route planning please search google” This way you’ve probably lost some customers. 
If the client asks you to help plan the itinerary or campground booking, obviously, you shouldn’t be stuck without a good answer. That’s why it’s very important, and you better have the RvPlan.Net in your sales toolbox.
Increases your customer base
It is not a secret, many people forgo traveling with a motorhome just because they can’t handle the process of route planning and campground bookings.
With RvPlan.Net  you can offer your customers a professional tool, easy to use, that will replace the traditional need for a trip consult.
Serves as an important tool for acquiring customer trust
  During a sales conversation, in case the customer is asking you questions about the route, your answer should be: Let’s have a look at the routes offered at RvPlan.Net and find the best route for you.  
Now, when you feel you ‘have the customer’, you can even offer him to partly participate in the cost of using the RvPlan.Net platform as a certain discount off at the RV rental price.
For example, suppose that the cost of a trip is $100 – you can offer to participate in a $25 discount rate from the motorhome rental price.
For you, it is a sales promotion – for the customer, it is showing your goodwill.
Right away you can email your customer a unique discount coupon that he will be able to use on  RvPlan.net  platform.
Moreover, The advantage of using RvPlan.net as a sales booster increases in scale when the customer is a repeating customers, and then one day he calls and says: Hey, my dear RV specialist, where would you recommend me to travel this year?
Gives you a significant advantage over your competitors
You can easily see, that RvPlan.net platform help you to give your customers a comprehensive service with a significant advantage over your competitors
You can still be focused on your core professionality of renting your motorhomes while knowing that you’re offering the customers a great solution to all of their motorhome experiences, without having to expand your service to the field of travel counseling.
More opportunities and advantages
– Multi-users control panel
– a system that is easy to use and manage 
– Motorhome rental networks that have several rental stations can use the RvPlan.net platform as a promotion at a specific station based on the latest marketing needs.