Motorhome trip in New Zealand
Motorhome trip in New Zealand

Motorhome trip in New Zealand

New Zealand, a country of 2 islands that is all breathtaking nature. A motorhome trip in New Zealand is one of the most common ways to explore New Zealand and truly feel natural. You can actually touch it, hear it and smell it. If you are doing a road trip in a motorhome in New Zealand, you can park for overnight parking in the primeval nature, start the day with a wonderful breakfast, go for a walk in the stunning nature. Meet the natives of the place – the Maori, observe their culture, and observe endemic animals that live only in New Zealand.
Most travelers to New Zealand with a motorhome or camper start their trip in the cities of Auckland or Christchurch. While there are also trips that start at Wellington Dunedin or Queenstown but because of the location of New Zealand International Airports in Auckland in the North Island and Christchurch in the South Island, most campers and RV rentals start from there.
If you have rent a motorhome in New Zealand and you need to pass to the other Island, Crossing between the 2 islands is by ferry from Wellington to Picton and vise versa.
Look at the list below, here you can choose the route that suits you best.

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Trip NameDuration (days)Driving distance (Km)Link
Auckland Roundtrip – Central and northern North Island151627.5Details
Auckland Roundtrip – Central and southern North Island162018Details
Auckland Roundtrip – North Island Central8979.9Details
Auckland Roundtrip – North of the North Island81077.7Details
Auckland Roundtrip – Northern Island202824.8Details
Auckland to Christchurch – Comprehensive New Zealand244059.3Details
Auckland to Christchurch – The best of the north island192713Details
Auckland to Christchurch – The best of the south island142859Details
Christchurch Roundtrip – South of the South island122253.1Details
Christchurch Roundtrip – Around the South Island172647Details
Christchurch Roundtrip – Central and Northern South Island141970.8Details
Christchurch Roundtrip – Central of the South Island81581.3Details
Christchurch Roundtrip – North of the South Island121260Details
Christchurch to Auckland142258Details
Queenstown Roundtrip8765.5Details
Queenstown to Auckland – The Best of The West183001.4Details
Queenstown to Christchurch101406.8Details