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Australia motorhome trip route
Australia motorhome trip route

Motorhome trip in Australia

Australia, a huge continent allows you to tour it with a motorhome easily and comfortably.
Most of the motorhome rental stations in Australia where most of the camper’s trip routes begin are: Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Alice Springs, Perth and Broom.
In between, ancient, endemic and breathtaking nature where you can cruise aboard your motorhome, watch kangaroos bounce, koalas, wombats and other animals which are unique to Australia.
The average duration of caravan trips in Australia is longer than usual on other continents, due to the long driving distances.
One-way trips are very common in Australia so you can start your trip for example in Sydney, and end it in Cairns or Darwin. You can basically start the trip in any of the cities and end it in another city.
The most popular motorhome trips are in the East Coast, which is the most populated, and most of Australia’s population is concentrated in it. In the West Coast the wilderness where you can easily meet authentic Aborigines, as much as possible.
In addition, there is of course Darwin in the north with the famous cockatoo reserve and in the south, you can reach Tasmania or the stunning kangaroo island.
So you’re probably breaking your head right now, everything’s so beautiful, where do we start?
Just scroll down, see the list of the pre-planed trips routes we have prepared for you, choose the one that suits you best and go ahead, take the first step towards fulfilling your upcoming experience in Australia.

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Trip NameDuration (days)Driving distance (Km)Link
Adelaide Roundtrip91717.6Details
Auckland to Christchurch – Comprehensive New Zealand244059.3Details
Brisbane Roundtrip8942.7Details
Broome round trip92313.7Details
Broome To Darwin143192.1Details
Broome to Perth143614.4Details
Cairns Roundtrip – North8417Details
Darwin Roundtrip81322.6Details
Melbourne Roundtrip – West71008.3Details
Sydney Roundtrip8711.2Details
Sydney Roundtrip – The ‘D Route’194069.4Details
Sydney to Adelaide142421.7Details
Sydney to Adelaide – Including Kangaroo Island183094Details
Sydney to Brisbane81157.6Details
Sydney to Cairns253985.2Details
Sydney to Darwin336261.4Details
Sydney to Melbourne81681.9Details
Sydney to Melbourne including Tasmania183387.8Details