Motorhome trip in Europe

Europe, the cradle of human culture and a leader in the culture of caravan tours in the world. Caravan trips are so common in Europe and not for nothing, many of the largest caravan manufacturing plants in the world are located in Europe. Germany, Italy, France and Spain are “superpowers of caravans”, this is of course reflected in the number of Motorhomes sold each year, the RV parking infrastructure, and motorhome rental stations in Europe.
The most popular motorhome traveling areas could be divided roughly into 5-6 main areas:
– Central Europe or classical Europe including Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria.
– Southern Europe is characterized mainly by more favorable weather in the transition seasons including Italy, Spain Portugal as well as Slovenia and Croatia. Of course in the south of France as well, the Pyrenees and the French Riviera can also be included in this area.
– Northern Europe and Scandinavia, include northern Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland (including Lapland), and Denmark.
– The British islands, England, Scotland, Ireland, 
– Iceland – the king of wild nature.
Eastern Europe includes the countries of Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria
In all of these, tens of thousands of people travel on caravan trips every year.
Indeed, it is difficult to choose, everything is beautiful, everything is attractive and all the trips we all would like to travel.
So get started from the first one, choose the route that suits you best from the list, hike it with your favorite people, then another one and another one ….

Go to all available motorhome trip routes in Europe

Trip NameDuration (days)Driving distance (Km)Link
Amsterdam Roundtrip14918Details
Angers 7 days81112.8Details
Angers Round Trip – Châteaux and Coastal Charms152205Details
Barcelona Roundtrip – South – Costa Brava15909Details
Barcelona Roundtrip – South – Costa Brava Short8667Details
Barcelona Roundtrip – West – Pyrenees221931Details
Basel Roundtrip – South – Switzerland & Black forest161230Details
Basel Roundtrip – The best of the Black Forest11645Details
Bergen Round trip – Through Norway’s Stunning Fjordland152331.5Details
Berlin Roundtrip – North to Norway254214.2Details
Berlin Roundtrip – Northern Germany – Short81343Details
Berlin Roundtrip – South East to Germany & Czechia181856Details
Berlin Roundtrip – West – Northern Germany152284Details
Bilbao Roundtrip – Including the Pyrenees & Barcelona151865Details
Birmingham Roundtrip – Heading South152098Details
Bodo Round trip – Arctic Wonders81163.5Details
Bordeaux Roundtrip – Vineyards to Valleys152416.1Details
Bordeaux Roundtrip – Wine Roads & Castle Trails81281.4Details
Bucharest Roundtrip – Heading North151681Details
Budapest Roundtrip – North – Hungary, Slovakia, Poland222014.4Details
Budapest Roundtrip – South West – Croatia, Slovenia151832Details
Budapest Roundtrip – West – Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Austria222601.5Details
Dublin Roundtrip151426Details
Dublin roundtrip – North West8885Details
Dublin Roundtrip – Ring of Kerry8989Details
Dublin Roundtrip – Wild Atlantic Way221870Details
Dusseldorf Roundtrip – Central Germany151058Details
Dusseldorf Roundtrip – East8815Details
Dusseldorf Roundtrip – Germany / Netherlands / Belgium81076Details
Dusseldorf Roundtrip – Netherlands and Belgian151354Details
Dusseldorf Roundtrip – South- Germany & Switzerland222543Details
Dusseldorf Roundtrip – To Belgian221696.3Details
Edinburgh roundtrip – North Coast 500151526Details
Faro Roundtrip – South Portugal & South Spain – Incuding. Algarve , Seville, Lisbon111542Details
Frankfurt Roundtrip – South – Incl. Black Forest222010.8Details
Frankfurt Roundtrip – North – Hesse, Nordrhein, Rheinland151153.6Details
Frankfurt Roundtrip – North Germany – Including Hamburg & Berlin152238Details
Frankfurt Roundtrip – North West -Exploring Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands222254.5Details
Glasgow Roundtrip – Heading south151385Details
Hamburg Roundtrip – Northern Germany152166Details
Hamburg Roundtrip – To Denmark & Norway253426.9Details
Iceland – North west + South west121569Details
Iceland – Full ring road152044Details
Iceland – North east111682Details
Iceland – North West111244Details
Iceland Golden Circle – South West91438Details
Lisbon Roundtrip – North171478Details
Lisbon Roundtrip – Portugal Comprehensive152005Details
Lisbon Roundtrip – South – Southern Portugal8959Details
Ljubljana Roundtrip – Adriatic sea Round -> Slovenia, Croatia & Italy162057Details
London Roundtrip – A circuit around England222573Details
London Roundtrip – Central England151909Details
London Roundtrip – Short81130Details
lyon Round trip – Lyon to Alpine Bliss8891.5Details
Lyon Roundtrip – Alpine Bliss & Riviera Charms [including the La Route des Grande Alpes]151915.2Details
Madrid Roundrip – Basque Country and north west112309Details
Madrid Roundrip – Pyrenees and the North East151885.2Details
Madrid Roundtrip8582Details
Madrid Roundtrip – Southern Spain162073.9Details
Madrid to Barcelona – including the Basque Country and the Pyrenees161823Details
Manchester Roundtrip – Heading North151416Details
Manchester Rroundtrip – Including Wales151295Details
Marseille Round Trip – Provencal Passages152321.4Details
Marseille Round Trip – The French Riviera Adventure81599Details
Memmingen Roundtrip – South – Germany, Austria & Switzerland161153Details
Milano Roundtrip – North – Switzerland & Black Forest221618.4Details
Milano Roundtrip – West – Italian alps, France alps211734.1Details
Milano Roundtrip – East – Garda lakes8596Details
Milano Roundtrip – South – Emilia-Romagna, Toscana & Liguria161717Details
Milano Roundtrip – South West – West Italy, South Switzerland221726.1Details
Milano Roundtrip – The Lakes of North Italy161352Details
Montpellier – Coastal Charms & Countryside Chronicles152097.6Details
Montpellier Round Trip –151698.6Details
Montpellier Round Trip – Châteaux & Charms8668.9Details
Munich Roundtrip – East – Germany, Austria, Czechia151464Details
Munich Roundtrip – South – Austria, Italy, Slovenia222086.1Details
Munich Roundtrip – South – Austria, Slovenia, Croatia222198.5Details
Munich Roundtrip – South East – Austria (Salzburg)8740Details
Munich Roundtrip – South West – Austria & Germany151320Details
Munich Roundtrip – South West – Austria (Innsbruck)8673Details
Munich Roundtrip – South West – Exploring Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Northern Italy222176.4Details
Munich Roundtrip – West – Including Black Forest151468Details
Nantes Roundtrip – French Family Odyssey152233.7Details
Nantes Roundtrip – Nantes’ Family Portrait Discovery81248.6Details
Narvik / Evenes Round Trip – Arctic Adventures81164.5Details
Nice Roundtrip – French Riviera Escapade8698.7Details
Nice Roundtrip – French Riviera Odyssey151078.1Details
Nice Roundtrip – French Riviera toward North Italy, Switzerland, and the French Alps151743Details
Nürnberg Roundtrip – Czechia & Saxsony171610Details
Oslo Roundtrip132106Details
Oslo Roundtrip – Fjord Explorer81229.1Details
Oslo Roundtrip – Nordic Nature Expedition – Heading North West152226.9Details
Paris Round trip – Heading Au fil de la Loire81234Details
Paris Round trip – Normandy, Brittany, Loire valley151773Details
Paris Roundtrip – Charming French Escapes8490.4Details
Paris roundtrip – French Trails & European Discoveries to Belgium and Luxembourg151831Details
Porto Roundtrip – Central Portugal Including Lisbon81224Details
Rochefort Round trip – outhwest Serenity152151.5Details
Rochefort Round trip – Westward Whispers81078.5Details
Rome Round trip – Heading South – A Fusion of History, Nature, and Fun!8919.5Details
Rome Round trip – Heading South East – Discover Italy’s Southern Splendors151916.3Details
Rome Roundtrip – Heading East – Bella Italia Discovery81021.5Details
Rome Roundtrip – Heading to the North – La Dolce Vita Expedition81033.3Details
Rome Roundtrip – North East – Toscana, Emilia Romagna, Umbria.151519.3Details
Rouen Round Trip – Normandy Enchantment151674.5Details
Rouen Round Trip – Normandy Java Journey8811.9Details
Stavanger Round Trip – Coastal Charms & Adventure Thrills8785.1Details
Stavanger Round trip – Exploring Norway’s Best152406.8Details
Stockholm Roundtrip – South192699Details
Strasbourg Round Trip –152106.3Details
Strasbourg Roundtrip – Alsace Lorraine15913Details
Strasburg Round Trip – Enchanting Alsatian Escape8513.5Details
Stuttgart Roundtrip – Rheinland & Nordrhein151660Details
Toulouse Round trip – European Charms & Family Delights152088.9Details
Toulouse Round trip – Odyssey from Rome to Toulouse81301.2Details
Toulouse Round Trip – The Pyrenean Explorer81083.8Details
Tromso Round Trip – Discovering Arctic Wonders81500.5Details
Tromso to Stavanger – Arctic Escapades & Coastal Fjords Charms193233.1Details
Trondheim Round Trip – Fjord Wonders & Coastal Adventures152499.7Details
Trondheim Round Trip -Through Norway’s Breathtaking Fjords and Coastal Treasures!81339.2Details
Venice Roundtrip – West – Garda lake8571Details
Venice Roundtrip – North – Slovenia, Austria, Italy- Garda lake.221766Details
Venice Roundtrip – South – Adriatic sea, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy222682Details
Venice Roundtrip – South West – Tuscany and Italian East coast151498Details
Vienna Roundtrip – East of Austria151380Details
Vienna Roundtrip – East to Slovakia161336.4Details
Vienna Roundtrip – West161885Details
Warsaw Roundtrip – Poland & Slovakia161648Details
Warsaw Roundtrip – Poland South81239Details
Warsaw Roundtrip – Poland North223187.3Details
Warsaw Roundtrip – Poland north Short81636.6Details
Zagreb Roundtrip – Around the Adriatic sea182352Details
Zagreb Roundtrip – Croatia & Slovenia151251Details
Zurich Roundtrip – East – Tirol Austria, German Alps151228Details
Zurich Roundtrip – North – Including the Black Forest & Surroundings151250Details
Zurich Roundtrip – South – Austria Tirol, Italy, Switzerland221866.2Details
Zurich Roundtrip – Switzerland Short8767Details