RV trip route in Canada
RV trip route in Canada

Motorhome trip in Canada

Caravan tours in beautiful Canada are concentrated in two main areas, the east coast of Canada, namely Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Quebec.
On the west coast, there is Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver among which lie the invincible Canadian Rockies.
Many families traveling in motorhomes in Canada do a route that cuts between the US and Canada and vice versa, simply because there is so much to see that it is a shame to miss. 
In the list below you will find lots of routes that include both the US and Canada together just because you shouldn’t separate among them.
When you do an RV trip in Canada, you will surely encounter presentations of the first settlers, of wild Indians, impressive mountains, huge waterfalls, the most beautiful foliage in the world, and animals in their natural habitats.
The caravan parking infrastructure in Canada is very developed, which is why it is so easy and convenient to take an RV road trip with a motorhome in Canada.
All that is left for you is to decide which trip route to choose and go on traveling. simple as that.

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Trip NameDuration (days)Driving distance (Km)Link
Albuquerque to Portland – including Yellowstone214602Details
Bozeman to Tucson – Border to Border194491Details
Calgary Roundtrip – Rockies Mountains & Saskatchewan153487Details
Calgary Roundtrip – Comprehensive Rocky Mountains233479Details
Calgary Roundtrip – North – Including the Rocky Mountains121918Details
Calgary Roundtrip – South – Incl. Rocky Mountains172760.1Details
Calgary Roundtrip – South West101459Details
Calgary Roundtrip – The best of the Rockies285313.9Details
Calgary to Vancouver – Canadian Rockies & BC152449Details
Calgary to Whitehorse132818Details
Chicago Roundtrip – East – Incl. Niagara Falls142412Details
Denver to Boston204979.7Details
Denver to Los Angeles – Including The Canadian Rocky Mountains368065Details
Denver to New York194556Details
Denver to Philadelphia204841Details
Denver to Seattle163043Details
Denver to Washington DC204882Details
Edmonton Roundtrip – Rockies Mountains91399Details
Edmonton Roundtrip – Rockies Mountains and Canada badlands132874Details
Edmonton Roundtrip – TO THE Northwest Territories123474Details
Halifax Roundtrip – Cabot Trail & Nova Scotia North81297Details
Halifax Roundtrip – Comprehensive Nova Scotia – Including Prince Eduard Island192865Details
Halifax Roundtrip – Newfoundland and Labrador174619Details
Halifax Roundtrip – Nova Scotia South101141Details
Halifax Roundtrip – Prince Eduard Island81056Details
Halifax Roundtrip – West81054Details
Halifax to Toronto – Fall Foliage trip – Canada and USA183437Details
Halifax to Vancouver – Canada coast to coast – East to West246642Details
Minneapolis to Boston – Including Niagara Falls173208Details
Minneapolis to New York – Including the Niagara Falls203144Details
Minneapolis to Philadelphia193367Details
Minneapolis to Washington DC- Including the Niagara Falls203528.8Details
Montreal Roundtrip – Short. Including 1000 Islands81419Details
Montreal Roundtrip – North121812Details
Montreal to Toronto101327Details
New York Roundtrip – Women’s Heritage Trail162323Details
New York Roundtrip – Incl. Niagara falls92132Details
New York Roundtrip – Upstate New York Incl. Niagara falls193455Details
New York to Chicago – Including Niagara Falls222690Details
New York to Orlando – the Grandpa’s stick143452Details
Seattle Roundtrip – North – Incl. Rocky mountains & Vancouver Island213735Details
Seattle Roundtrip – South152981Details
Seattle to Boston – The Great Northern257021Details
Toronto Roundtrip – facing northת Incl. Niagara Falls & thousand island111764Details
Toronto Roundtrip – Incl. Niagara falls and Thousand islands81277Details
Toronto to Halifax – Through Quebec (Without USA)132376Details
Toronto to Halifax – Through the USA122481Details
Toronto To Montreal8970Details
Toronto to Vancouver – Trans Canada East to West195243Details
Vancouver Roundtrip – Vancouver Island131904Details
Vancouver Roundtrip – East92644Details
Vancouver Roundtrip – Including the Rockies mountains and Vancouver Island213257Details
Vancouver Roundtrip – Including the Rocky mountains183495Details
Vancouver To Calgary121724Details
Vancouver to Halifax – Canada coast to coast West to East287039Details
Vancouver to Toronto – Trans Canada West to East154886Details